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Camping at the Spirit Sands, Spruce Woods #camping #SpiritSands #SpruceWoods

Camping in a Tent in Autumn is the best way to camp Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Vlog1966​

Camping in Autumn at Nutimik Lake Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Vlog1965

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The Outdoor Adventure By Rudi 2020

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The Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show by Rudi. @NomadOutdoorAdventures

I Love Sharing My Videos with You Guys I’m Rudi a Man from Bolivia
and I live in Manitoba Canada and I Document and make Videos (Vlog) about the Nature the Nomad Outdoor Adventure Camping Fishing and BBQ and about Nature Photography and Hanging out with Family and Friends.
I try to have a Video up every Sunday.

I am A Trucker Driver and I get to see a lot of Beautiful Places when I am on the Road
From The Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show By Rudi Dueck.

I am a Professional Filmmaker and a Professional Photographer I go By Photographer Rudi Dueck
I really Enjoyed The Outdoor Adventures Nature Especially Bird Photography Sunrise Sunset Landscape Plants Flowers Nature in General.
Canadian Photographer Travel Photographer.
The Nomad Outdoor Adventure Photographer Rudi Dueck.

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The Outdoor Adventures Photographer Rudi Dueck.
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