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  1. MWM__047

    Hello Rudi, I’d review that photo of the sunrise, truck and Walmart sign, but i cannot find it on here, although it is one of your older pictures of course, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. MWM__047

    Hey Rudi, I love your entire portfolio of photos, keep up the good work. I might even order that picture of the black German Shepard, I’ve always liked dogs and most animals. My brother even had a cat at one time, but he ran away, the cat that is. I did also want to congratulate you for getting your drone license earlier this year, your drone footage is second to none. Lastly, have you watched any of the drone racing being shown on satellite TV?, take care to you and the entire Dueck family, bye for now from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Yours Truly, Marc Mullo. 🙂 [email protected]