What about me?

I am the Photographer Rudi Dueck Outdoor Adventure

About ME

Hi, I am the Professional photographer RUDI DUECK

I fell in love with the Outdoors when My Parents and I lived at a farm in South America in the Country’s of Paraguay and Bolivia and I now live in Steinbach Manitoba Canada.

I Discovered Photography in My early Teenage Years. I always find myself wanting to go outside and Photograph all the beauty that’s out there in Nature I particularly love Sunrises, Sunsets, Birds, Insects, Flowers and Waterfalls any kind of Wildlife I run across.

I am now Married and have two Kids. Me and the Family love going out into Nature and Discover new things we particularly love camping, fishing and enjoy the relaxing beauty of Nature. To us there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around a campfire at a campsite, and listening to all the wildlife and birds chirping away or a running waterfall that is the most relaxed time you can ever have.

To me it’s all about getting out there and taking Pictures and enjoying myself out in nature.I slow myself down and listen and just sit at one Place that’s how I Discover all kinds of Creatures. That’s how I have found some great insects and birds. I find that you don’t need to have the greatest and most expensive and newest gear to take some great Pictures you just got to get out there and take pictures with whatever you have.

My hope is that it will inspire everyone to get out there and take some amazing pictures yourself. If you like to learn more about the behind the scenes, I do have a YouTube Channel called Outdoor Adventure By Rudi, you can click the button below that will take you to my YouTube Channel and you can also find some of my Pictures on Instagram.

Picture about Me the Outdoor Adventure Picture Taken by Me Photographer Rudi Dueck
Picture about Me the Outdoor Adventure Picture Taken by Me Photographer Rudi Dueck